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About Us

The purpose of DEPA is the short and long-term support of the educational, personal and cultural development of students of the Dorris-Eaton School and members of our community.

The general objectives of DEPA are:

  • To enrich the Dorris-Eaton educational experience through, for example, items such as an enhanced library, technology and educational tools, and by offering cultural enrichment programs;

  • To generate Dorris-Eaton family spirit and pride with socials, family picnics, class parties, staff luncheons and spirit events; 

  • To develop programs to serve our school community such as parental education programs, used uniform sales, and caring for our families.


In order for Dorris-Eaton students to continue to benefit from all of the DEPA-funded activities, it is crucial that every family contribute its share of DEPA dues. Please take a moment to learn about the many ways DEPA enriches and supplements your child’s education and then join DEPA from Parent Portal.

As a reminder to our families, all DEPA funds collected from the Alamo campus and the San Ramon campus will only be used for enrichment activities at that specific campus.

For information on membership please go to Join Us tab or contact Sherry Kim.

If you would like to become involved in DEPA as a volunteer please contact Selin Khayatan, DEPA President.

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The Dorris-Eaton Parents' Association
C/- The Dorris-Eaton School
1 Annabel Lane
San Ramon, CA 94583


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